Archivos del mes: October 2015


In our film there is an especially symbolic character: Al. He leaves bottles of water in the middle of the desert. That water saves life to many migrants, to which Al never met. It’s generosity in a degree so pure that it becomes poetry, art. And that’s because Al is an artist. In his walks through the desert he pick up cans, pieces of clothes… traces of those who cross around there. And with those objects, he creates art. These are pieces full of meaning, because behind each fragment is hidden a real and terrible story, and we will never know the end. If you are reading this and are near Tucson, Arizona, you can visit Al’s new exposition, which is inside the collective project “Art Trails Open Studio Tour” (




The screenings of our film “Muros” in Cineteca Matadero deserve a special comment. The theatre is not only the best from a technical point of view –thanks a lot to the screening and theatre team- but is also the natural home for those who are dedicated to tell stories made from reality. It has been the best place for the meeting, discussion and talk. In Cineteca we have discovered that the film works, it is useful and alive. Thanks to Mikel Olaciregui for letting us come into your home and for flying with his wise and good look the work of those who made documentary films.




Our international circuit starts. And it does it in the best possible scene, IDFA. The International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam, our favourite one (with the amicable consent of our beloved Punto de Vista). There we will find the best of documentary film production of this year in the whole world. It will be the starting point of our circuit in festivals and theatres, we will tell you our trip step by step, from Amsterdam to the world.

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