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20 de septiembre de 2015 Premiere in San Sebastián International Film Festival

Yesterday we premiered Walls. Watching in theatres more than two years of work and illusion was an amazing experience. Thanks to all the people who has come with us during our way. Now, the film walks alone, and its path has just started.20-09-2015

Thanks too to the company Sacude, which presented the film with a beautiful vertical dance show over San Telmo’s museum.



You may have seen the terrible images of what is happening in Macedonia. The themes of our two last films are in the same level: refugees fleeing the war… who find a fence that stops them in their way. In this Channel 4 news we found a statement that sums it up. A Syrian refugee seeks among his little English vocabulary a word to express what he feels and he just finds one, which he repeats again and again: “Why?”


Documentary film “Walls”

Very soon you will be able to see and hear our documentary film “Walls”. We have been immersed in it and in its stories, for so long and so intensely… that we cannot even talk, we only can wait for the stories that inhabit the film to come to life and reach the audience. We have done our work, now the film starts walking alone. If you want to know it a little bit more, check it out the new trailer, there you can see the faces and stories that we found on this and the other side of the wall.


Sunny Side of The Doc

This year in Sunny Side of the Doc we have shared a stand with other Basque producers again, old friends from the documentary world. Thanks to Etxepare Institute, which supports not only financially our projects, but also with the visibility of the culture and art of the Basque Country, we have ( and Arena, represented by Itziar) come back to La Rochelle to look for international distribution.

“Walls” is now in its final stage, and it’s easier to reach potential distributors with the almost finished film. We are not just making smoke. “Walls” is a reality, it has a start and an end, and that reality begins to seduce and captivate. We will see what fruits we collect after this patient seeding.


Sheffield Doc/Fest

Last week we went to Sheffield Doc/Fest, the most important documentary festival in the UK, and the third largest in the world. The festival includes screenings, conferences by and for professionals, and a market space where the most important distributors, TV channels and producers from around the world gather.

Our goal was to continue our relations with distributors, in order to find the one that we believe it will spread “Walls” to the highest audience as possible. We have also shared and exchanged knowledge with other professionals. One of the conferences we attended was titled “How to Survive Your Own Film: Inside Tips on Shooting in Risky Situations”. As you can imagine, we could tell a lot about this topic…



Desayunador del Padre Chava @en

Reality is always stranger than fiction. But to achieve this, we must approach it very quietly. Here you can see us shooting. Migueltxo with the sound, Pablo with the camera. Itziar behind the camera of the making of. Gonzalo, our assistant, keeping the equipment. But for our characters, we are invisible.

How to approach them, the relationship we achieved after days of living together, make everything flow as if we were not there. The characters ignored us. The camera moves slightly, being careful to not break the magic that absolutely everything around us has, always.